Den Danske Salmeduo (DK)


Den Danske Salmeduo (DK)

Christian Vuust (sax), Hans Esbjerg (p)

Timeless tunes in new jazz guises

On this day, it will have 100 years and seven days since Christian X rode across the border on his white horse.

This is marked by Den Danske Salmeduo at this concert in Aarhus Cathedral, where the two musicians primarily play arrangements from their latest CD Du Skønne Land, which was released for the occasion of the reunion anniversary.

The CD contains 25 instrumental reinterpretations that demonstrate the viability and timelessness of the tunes and thus carry the songs into our time.

The duo reinvents the music of the songs and hymns - in a fruitful encounter between the simplicity of the Nordic folk, the playful improvisations of the American jazz tradition, and the sensitivity of the classical music tradition.

All concerts in Aarhus Cathedral are conducted according to the regulations of the authorities and with a distance between the audience.



16:00 - 17:00
Cover charge Kr. 120
90 kr. for studerende og unge under 25 år.
Begrænset antal kørestolspladser.


Aarhus Domkirke
Store Torv
DK-8000 Aarhus C
(+45) 86 20 54 00


Aarhus Domkirke
(+45) 86 20 54 00
Aarhus Domkirke

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