July 13 - 20 2024
JERICHO – Ferm-Morgan-Osgood (DK/US) - Photo: Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar

Photo: Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar

JERICHO – Ferm-Morgan-Osgood (DK/US)


Ned Ferm (sax), Thomas Morgan (b), Kresten Osgood (drm)

Unique and Innovative Trio Jazz

Inspired by the great acoustic trios (tenor saxophone, double bass, drums) from the history of jazz and improvised music, this band brings its own unique and developed language to break new ground.

Drawing on their incredibly diverse backgrounds, they interact and compose music in the present moment, inspiring each other through strong musical choices.

Ned Ferm (b. 1982) is a renowned American multi-instrumentalist who has lived in Copenhagen since 2001. Ferm is best known for playing the saxophone. He has appeared on more than 200 albums and toured the world as both bandleader and sideman. His personal sound and broad musical vocabulary set him apart from his peers and make him instantly recognizable to listeners around the world. A strong presence on the saxophone.

American bassist Thomas Morgan (b. 1981) is widely considered to be one of the most luminous voices and sought-after artists on his instrument. He has worked with almost every conceivable modern jazz star from Bill Frisell to Paul Motian, Jakob Bro, and Steve Coleman. Ben Ratliff of the New York Times called him "a jazz musician whose presence in a recording or performance ... automatically makes it worth your time".

Danish multi-instrumentalist Kresten Osgood (b. 1976) is known for his breathtaking versatility on a multitude of instruments, as well as his successful career as a TV, radio, and podcast host. As a drummer, his deep understanding and respect for all traditions of jazz and other genres have led to stage and studio collaborations with a host of legendary musical figures.


Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar
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Aarhus Jazz Festival

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