July 13 - 20 2024
Coriolis (DK) - Photo: Palmehaven

Photo: Palmehaven

Coriolis (DK)


Maria Dybbroe, Nana Pi Aabo-Kim and Carolyn Goodwin (sax)

Three Strong Saxophone Forces as One

From an airy whisper to a powerful storm, the room is filled with the energy and sound of three powerful forces that unite in an erupting shower of polyphony, dissonance, abstract sounds, and epic poetic themes.

In a collective universe, they blend the infinite sonic possibilities of the saxophone and explore how they can unite as one: one body – one ultra-instrument. At times, the shockwave can knock you over – at other times the music feels like a soft circular ear massage with air currents as delicate and fragile as morning dew.

Nana Pi, Carolyn Goodwin, and Maria Dybbroe are all part of Barefoot Records and are known for bands as diverse as Thou Sonic Friend, Nezelhorns, Cactus, and Extemporize Orchestra. In addition, they are all part of the vibrant improv scene in Copenhagen, where they are part of various ad hoc groups.

Coriolis formed at the opening of Klub Primi, where they have played several times since, and as a trio they are inspired by Evan Parker and Barry Guy, as well as their collaborations with Jesper Zeuthen and Bon Iver.


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