July 13 - 20 2024
Soma Allpass / Nils Bo Davidsen  (DK) - Photo: ALT_R_JAZZ


Soma Allpass / Nils Bo Davidsen (DK)


Soma Allpass and Nils Bo Davidsen (vc)

Join LilleJazz – and Experience an Adventurous Cello Duo

A concert with Soma Allpass / Nils Bo Davids - "Between Us" – is an imaginative journey through a landscape of undulating harmonies and melodic flowing cello music.

The music is original and in search of beauty. It can neither be categorized as classical music nor improv jazz, but rather a celebration of the cello and its many possibilities. The often well-composed pieces alternate between dense sounds, melodic weaving lines, and rhythmic structures.


About LilleJazz

LilleJazz is a new initiative that presents concerts in a space where both children and adults can listen and be. There will be quiet activities for children and you may enter and exit the venue as you please. The focus will be on the concert, which is not specifically aimed at children. It's experimental music for children and their adults, adults and their children, and adults without children.

Children are admitted free of charge, while adults pay DKK 80. But for every child you bring, you get a DKK 20 discount.


Read more about Soma Allpass / Nils Bo Davidsen

Read more about Soma Allpass / Nils Bo Davidsen


Aarhus Jazz festival og DMF
For hvert barn, du tager med, får du 20 kr. i rabat. Børn har gratis adgang. Cover charge 80 DKK

Aarhus Jazz Festival

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