July 13 - 20 2024
Kongklave feat. Lene Nørgård & Eliza Boye – Børnejazz (DK) - Photo: Bazarjazz

Photo: Bazarjazz

Kongklave feat. Lene Nørgård & Eliza Boye – Børnejazz (DK)


Lene Nørgård, Eliza Boye and Dea Marie Kjeldsen (perc, voc), Andreas Skamby (drm)

A Real Family Concert

Kongklave is a dynamic duo consisting of drummer Andreas Skamby and percussionist Dea Marie Kjeldsen. Together, they cultivate a rhythmic, percussive universe with volume and raw power as well as minimalism and finesse.

Despite the absence of tonal instruments, the music is full of melodies and contains both tight arrangements and more lively, playful passages. 

We'll explore drumming traditions from all over the world, all delivered with infectious joy and enthusiasm, so the whole family can join in.

This concert will be extra special and exciting as the two fantastic musicians Lene Nørgård and Eliza Boye play, sing and dance along.

Anything can happen, and it can only be good.

See you at Verdenspladsen in Gellerup, where there will also be other children's activities on the same day.


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Aarhus Jazz Festival

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