July 13 - 20 2024
Jorden Rundt med Malene Kjærgård  – Børnejazz (DK) - Photo: Aarhus Jazz Festival

Photo: Aarhus Jazz Festival

Jorden Rundt med Malene Kjærgård – Børnejazz (DK)


Malene Kjærgård (voc), Maj Berit Guassora (trp), Michael Vestbo (g), Tobias Dall (b), Tira Skamby (perc)

Take a Musical Trip Around the World

Join Malene as she explores her grandfather's big old suitcase, full of stories, souvenirs, and treasures from around the world.

It's jazz for kids, inspired by music from different countries. Why is it never really quiet in Cuba? Why is there a bell hanging over the Yukon River? Why do they throw colors in India and lotus flowers in Thailand? And what exactly is a savusauna? A

t a Jorden-Rundt Concert, children embark on an interactive musical journey that will take them to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, a dazzling color festival in India, cherry blossom in Japan, and big dreams at a lotus festival in Bangkok.

It will be hard to stay still as the many colors, sounds, moods, and impressions wash over the audience. Both children and adults are invited to be part of the concert and how the story of this day unfolds.

Jorden Rundt was awarded the DMA Children's Jazz Prize in 2020, and in 2021 Malene Kjærgård was awarded the Carl-prisen in the category Composer of the Year – Children's Music.


Read more about Jorden Rundt med Malene Kjærgård – Børnejazz

Read more about Jorden Rundt med Malene Kjærgård – Børnejazz

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