July 13 - 20 2024
Motuz Group (DK/UK/FI) - Photo:


Motuz Group (DK/UK/FI)


Mark Hurrell - Saxophone, Anne-Sofie Østergaard - Dance, Iina Johanson - Voice, Philip Akrofi - Double Bass

Motuz Group stands as an evolving force in the realm of interdisciplinary performing arts, shaping its trajectory since 2019. Over the past years, a diverse array of artists has lent their expertise to the collective, steering the group in myriad creative directions. At the heart of Motuz's mission lies a dedicated exploration of the nuanced relationship between improvised music and dance.

For Motuz Group, improvisation serves as the cornerstone, reflecting the belief of its founder, Mark Hurrell, that it authentically conveys real-life reflections to an audience. Embracing the philosophy that improvisation is intrinsic to our existence, Motuz Group seamlessly incorporates this ethos into their on-stage artistry. The natural, unscripted interplay among artists provides audiences with an immersive experience, inviting them to feel the genuine unfolding of the performance.

Motuz Group rejects artifice, allowing each performer to contribute organically, crafting a unique world with every presentation. The connection between music and dance is intricately explored through extensive practice, research, and rehearsals, resulting in a performance that offers an inspiring and fresh aesthetic.

The interplay across artistic disciplines empowers Motuz Group to deliver performances with remarkable range and flexibility. This unique approach not only makes their shows accessible to a broad audience but also ensures an intriguing and entertaining experience for seasoned arts enthusiasts.

Motuz Group is a collective of individuals driven by a shared passion for music, dance, and artistry, coming together to create performances that delicately balance and blend these elements in a beautiful and thought-provoking manner.
This borderless collective represents a fusion of three nationalities within its current lineup, with Mark Hurrell from the UK, residing in Denmark, serving as the founder and saxophonist. Accompanying him are the highly accomplished Finnish singer Iina Johanson, and Danish double bass player Philip Akrofi, alongside the talented Danish dancer Anne-Sofie Østergaard. Each artist, renowned in their respective fields, contributes their unique experiences and backgrounds, enriching Motuz Group's performances with diverse perspectives.

Motuz Group, a beacon of creative exploration, invites audiences into a world where art transcends boundaries, offering a captivating blend of music and dance that resonates on both a visceral and intellectual level.

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Domen - Bylivshuset på Pier 2
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Aarhus Jazz Festival

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