July 13 - 20 2024

Tukaan (DK) - Photo: VinDanmark

Photo: VinDanmark

Tukaan (DK)


Jacob D (b-cl, sax) Frederik Sakham (b) John Riddell (drm) Dan Hjorth (p)

Direct and Energetic Jazz with Tukaan

Jacob D is a talented and dedicated musician who has worked hard to develop his voice and sound as a composer and musician. Winning the 2017 Gaffelprisen Award is an impressive achievement and a testament to his talent and commitment to jazz music. Jacob D has a passion for music and a willingness to explore and refine his artistic expression. We are sure that his journey as a musician will continue to be exciting and inspiring, and I look forward to hearing more about his musical adventures with Tukaan.

"Recognition is an important developmental tool, especially for those of us who struggle with self-esteem, and I think this is also very common among artists. With the recognition that the Gaffelprisen award was and is, my belief in my abilities has grown and some reservations betting on what's inside me have been strengthened. The songs on the forthcoming album with Tukaan are a preliminary culmination of my musical expression as a composer, soloist, and band leader. It's a journey I know will never end, nor should it, but for now I feel in tune with the sound and narrative we're presenting with Tukaan. It's a new and softer sound for me that I'm excited to share with the audience," says Jacob D.

It sounds like Jacob D and Tukaan are an energetic and passionate musical unit ready to present a new and exciting sound while maintaining their unique musical courage and authentic expression. Their ability to wrap their music in new melodies while maintaining their unique sound is impressive and a testament to their creativity and musicianship.

When Tukaan takes the stage, they play with intensity and passion, going all out and not holding back. This dedication and commitment to their music create a captivating and dynamic live experience for the audience, where they can expect a musical journey full of excitement and true musical expression.

It's always inspiring to experience musicians who play with their heart and soul, and it seems that Jacob D and Tukaan manage to do just that. Their live performances are full of energy, passion and musicianship, and we highly recommend seeing them on stage for an unforgettable musical experience.

The melodies and compositions are important, but if we don't risk ourselves in them, it doesn't matter,' as Jacob D says;

Jacob D is not only a talented musician, but also a storyteller and communicator who enriches the concert experience with little anecdotes about the songs. This approach adds an extra layer of depth and understanding to the concert experience, giving the audience an insight into his creative process and sources of inspiration. It's fascinating to hear how Jacob D manages to transform his experiences, moods, thoughts and dreams into music and how he shares this process with his audience.

It is also valuable that Jacob D emphasizes that no prior knowledge is necessary to enjoy his music and that it is up to the listener to relate to and interpret the music. By including stories behind the compositions, Jacob D hopes to open up a deeper, more enjoyable, or intense experience for the listener and to create a connection between the music and the listener in a personal and meaningful way.

This approach to musical storytelling offers a unique and engaging concert experience, where the audience is invited to immerse themselves in the universe of music and be inspired by Jacob D's musical stories. We are confident that these stories and musical experiences will create a memorable and enriching concert experience for everyone in attendance.

The band's name comes from the phrase "Bay Tukaan" in Urdu, which means "immediately". The name was chosen to lay the foundation for how the music can be experienced. Immediately and without reservation.

Music is a conversation, so listeners and audiences are involved from the start.

As is often the case, love is at the heart of the compositions. The song "She lay sleeping" is inspired by looking at your sleeping child and almost bursting with love for the little creature. "Hittebarn / Orphan child" is the terrible idea that someone must be alone in the world and the horrible realization that sadly many are. "Collector of Mourning souls" is for all the depressed, grieving, bereaved, and yearning. An attempt to give hope. The healing power of music is not a mirage, and if you look at things from a different angle, or call them something else, they may appear in a new and better way. That's what "It's not a Samba" tries to focus on. What happens when we try to see things from a new perspective?

"For me, music is emotion. Period. And jazz is the form of music in which I can express myself with the greatest freedom and with the easiest access to as many emotional registers as possible. I hope that my music can be a shortcut to the audience's imagination that allows them to experience inner adventures, find their way to joy, sorrow, longing, despair, fear and not least love. To feel the desire for life in all its facets,' concludes Jacob D.

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