July 13 - 20 2024

Nørgaard / Sejthen spiller Jazz på svanska (DK) - Photo: Piano Værkstedet

Photo: Piano Værkstedet

Nørgaard / Sejthen spiller Jazz på svanska (DK)


Malthe Nørgaard (p), Thomas Sejthen (b)

Sejthen and Nørgaard Perform Swedish Folk Songs

On the 60th anniversary of the release of Jan Johansson's “Jazz på Svenska”, Scandinavia's best-selling jazz album ever, two experienced jazz musicians, pianist Malthe Nørgaard and bassist Thomas Sejthen, will perform their renditions of the treasured arrangements of Swedish folk tunes. 

The concert pays tribute not only to an iconic album, but to two of the greatest figures in Nordic jazz, Jan Johansson, who died far too soon in a tragic car accident in 1968, and the bassist on the album, Georg Riedel, who passed away on February 25 this year at the age of 90. Both jazz musicians have greatly contributed to the development of what is known today as "Nordic jazz”, and both have contributed to the unforgettable soundtracks for many of the film adaptations of Astrid Lindgren's stories.

With deep knowledge of music and a particularly respectful approach to tonality, Malthe Nørgaard marvelously manages to combine both simplicity and complexity to form a wonderful sound with room for both tears and laughter"- Peter Clausen, Jazz og venner

"Thomas Sejthen plays with a special concentration and intensity. He is steady, reliable, and clear. He doesn't play with obscure bass notes. He plays what is necessary and when he does, he expresses much more than most people do with the double” -Niels Overgård, Jazznyt

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