July 13 - 20 2024

Emil Otto & The Fabulous Trio (DK) - Photo: Café Smagløs

Photo: Café Smagløs

Emil Otto & The Fabulous Trio (DK)


Emil Otto (voc, key, perc), Jacob Venndt (kontrabas, mundharpe), Pojken Flensborg (p), Per Kolling (drm)

A Passion for Jazz Tradition and The Great American Songbook

The up-and-coming, critically acclaimed, and on-air crooner Emil Otto and veteran bassist, multi-instrumentalist, and performer Jacob Venndt - along with pianist Pojken Flensborg and drummer Per Kolling - have an undeniable passion for jazz tradition and The Great American Songbook.

In recent years, their interest in standard vocal jazz and the traditional repertoire (conveyed by artists such as Michael Bublé and Samara Joy) has provided the ideal starting point for Emil Otto & The Fabulous Trio's new collaboration. In the late spring of 2023, the band recorded, recorded, and produced the EP Hideout Sessions along with four music videos, which treated audiences to standards in original arrangements combining melodic ostinatos from the Nordic music tradition with New Orleans second-line swing, washboard piano and drums, double bass with chromatic harmonica, and on top of it all: Emil Otto's vibrant and inviting vocals.

The project has already been presented and played on P8 Jazz, by Niels Christian Cederberg. "Emil Otto is a new crooner on the Danish jazz scene. He is young. Only 27 years old. But judging by his debut album, Ain't Love a Beautiful Thing, he is a mature and traditional adventurer who not only sings brilliantly but also plays the piano with confidence ..... His potential is deeply fascinating." - Ivan Rod 

The Fabulous Trio is called “Jacob Venndt's Fabulous Swing Trio” and is an extremely close-knit orchestra that since 2015 has been working - in true jazz style - to reinterpret “The Danish Film and Revue Songbook” and at the same time “Two different generations of jazz musicians have come together and breathed new life into traditional vocal jazz and given it a fresh and different, Nordic expression ... 

Over the past 8 years, the band has played many concerts with the above repertoire both at home and abroad, but the trio has also collaborated with other soloists and has performed with, among others: Dario Campeotto, Niels Olsen, Stig Rossen, Jesper Lundgaard, Amalie Dollerup, Sys Bjerre, etc. In connection with Aarhus Jazz Festival in 2022, Jacob Venndt´s Fabulous Swing Trio was paired with Emil Otto, and together they played a blast of a debut concert that just called for this project! 


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