July 13 - 20 2024

PRETENDING TO PLAY MODERN [´d3æz] (DK/SE) - Photo: Aarhus Jazztømmerflåde

Photo: Aarhus Jazztømmerflåde



Jens Bonderup (gtr), Mads Lundh (sax), Hilda Nordkvist (bas), Mattias Nyman (drm)

In the constant quest of finding your inner voice, how could one possibly know if they have found a true reflection of themselves or if they are just pretending. Through countless hours of practice and perfecting one´s craftsmanship, the musician always ends up in the same state of self doubt and confusion deriving the questions - what am I striving for? What kind of musician do I really want to be?

Finding the answers to these questions might be a task that no one ever completes, but in the midst of all the confusion peace might be found in the pretending once in a while. During this concert, the band consisting of Mads Lundh (sax), Jens Bonderup (Guitar), Hilda Nordkvist (bass) and Mattias Nyman (drums), will attempt to achieve modern jazz through a diverse and confused set of original compositions. I guess you’ll have to come and judge for yourselves whether they’re pretending or not, and if it even matters.


Aarhus Jazztømmerflåde
61 34 06 04
Cover charge 100 DKK
De tre musiktilbud: 1. Musik, Panini og øl - 100kr. 2. Musik og dagens ret - 150kr. 3. Musik, Gayaburger og vin - 225kr.

Aarhus Jazz Festival

Godsbanen, Skovgaardsgade 3

DK-8000 Aarhus C