July 13 - 20 2024

JazzKonversationer Live: Jazzen fra ECM (DK) - Photo: Jørgen Diswal, FOF Aarhus

Photo: Jørgen Diswal, FOF Aarhus

JazzKonversationer Live: Jazzen fra ECM (DK)


Jens Rasmussen & Frederik Lundin

Jazz Conversations Live: The Jazz of ECM

Jazz talk with Frederik Lundin and Jens Rasmussen

For the second year in a row, the popular podcast JazzKonversationer will be broadcast live during Aarhus Jazz Festival 2024. The two podcast hosts, Frederik Lundin and Jens Rasmussen will be discussing the newer jazz movements that the record label ECM has represented and developed since the 1970s and still does to this day.

ECM is a German record label founded by producer Manfred Eicher in 1969. The music it releases typically defies common genre perceptions, including jazz, classical music, and various folk music expressions. The music is characterized by a very specific sound or timbre, hence the term “ECM sound”, which is often described as clear, airy, and incredibly deep sound. 

There is a unique aesthetic to their work, which encompasses both the sound and the visual expression, such as their album covers.

Frederik Lundin and Jens Rasmussen use music samples from six legendary ECM albums loved by at least one of them.

Everyone can join in, regardless of whether you know music history and theory or not. However, a certain degree of music geekiness is to be expected when Lundin and Rasmussen are on stage.

Duration: 1.5 hours (+ time for questions afterward).

This Jazz Talk is part of Jazz Me Up! which is a series of courses and events at FOF Aarhus during Aarhus Jazz Festival.

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