July 13 - 20 2024

Gunnar Lautrup & band (DK) - Photo: Apollon

Photo: Apollon

Gunnar Lautrup & band (DK)


Gunnar Lautrup (trp), Heine Hot (drm), Jens Nørholm, Jesper Clausen, Peter Friis og Søren Bo Addemos

Exploring the Legacy of Jazz in the Aarhus Music Scene

Gunnar is originally from Viborg, but his musical passion has flourished in Aarhus for more than 50 years. Rooted in traditional jazz, he has explored a wide range of musical genres, including classical. Gunnar's stylish trumpet playing has led several leading Danish jazz ensembles and big bands over the years, and in recent years he has also impressed audiences with virtuoso performances on the valve trombone.

His musical journey has been characterized by a constant search for new forms of expression and challenges, which has led to an impressive variety in his repertoire and a deep understanding of different musical styles. Gunnar has not only distinguished himself as a prominent musician but also as a formidable interpreter of the rich heritage of jazz and an inspiring force in the Aarhus music scene.

Over the years, Gunnar has contributed significantly to enriching the local musical landscape and has been a valued figure both on and off the stage. His dedication and ability to create magical moments through music have made him an integral part of Aarhus' cultural heritage, and his influence will continue to be felt for years to come.


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