July 13 - 20 2024

Finn Odderskov & band (DK) - Photo: Apollon

Photo: Apollon

Finn Odderskov & band (DK)


Finn Odderskov (sax), Heine Hot (drm), Jens Nørholm, Jesper Clausen, Peter Friis og Søren Bo Addemos

Aarhus Jazz Musician with an Impressive Career

Finn Odderskov has been a leading force within Aarhus jazz since the 1960s, having left a lasting impact on the scene. Over the years, Finn has stepped in as a soloist with his musical talent evident both in intimate settings with small ensembles and as an integral part of larger bands such as Arosia, Bourbon Street, Peder Pedersen's Big Band, and Klüvers Big Band.

As a versatile musician, Finn has not only evolved within the traditional jazz genre but has also explored different facets of the music, enriching Aarhus' musical landscape. His presence has been indispensable in the city's jazz scene, and his contributions have helped shape and strengthen the local music scene over the decades. With an impressive career behind him, Finn continues to inspire and excite colleagues and audiences alike with his talent and passion for music


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