July 13 - 20 2024

Chris Tanner & band (AUS) - Photo: Apollon

Photo: Apollon

Chris Tanner & band (AUS)


Chris Tanner (cl), Heine Hot (drm), Jens Nørholm, Jesper Clausen, Peter Friis og Søren Bo Addemos

Australian Clarinetist in an Aarhus Venue

Chris Tanner grew up in Melbourne, Australia, where he first became fascinated with the clarinet at age 15. He quickly became part of the thriving Melbourne music scene and advanced to become a professional musician soon after.

Tanner's musical journey led him to perform with renowned groups such as Allan Browne's New Orleans Rascals and the Yarra Yarra Jazz Band. In 1995, he joined The Hoodangers from Melbourne, touring Russia and Western Europe. Their journey also brought them to Denmark, where they performed at the Femø Jazz Festival.

While in Denmark, Tanner has also collaborated with other Australian bands, including Julie O'Hara.

Today, Tanner calls Copenhagen home where, along with other musical talents, he has formed the band Rifftet, which has been around since 2010 and continues to spread musical pleasure and creativity.


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