July 13 - 20 2024

Nordkraft Big Band, Remy Le Boeuf & Danielle Wertz (US/DK) - Photo: Foto Nino Fernandez

Photo: Foto Nino Fernandez

Nordkraft Big Band, Remy Le Boeuf & Danielle Wertz (US/DK)


Danielle Wertz (voc), Remy Le Boeuf (cond/solist), Sophus Bech Lauesen (a-sax), Jan Jacobsen (a-sax), Uffe Markussen (t-sax), Ask Andreassen (t-sax), Nis Hellerøe Myrtue (b-sax), Nicholai Andersen (trp), Niels Munk Petersen (trp), Thomas Fryland (trp), Dan Hejslet (trp), Thomas Skovlund Hansen (trb), Jonathan Bruun Meyer (trb), Jonas Lindh (trb), Kristian Kloster (trb), Martin Granum (g), Theo Hjorth (p), Anders Ammitzbøll (b), Peter Lund Paulsen (drm).

An Intimate Jazz and Folk Universe with Danielle Wertz and Nordkraft Big Band

Experience the rising, award-winning New York City-based artist Danielle Wertz as she joins the Nordkraft Big Band under the expert direction of Principal Conductor Remy Le Boeuf. Singer, composer, and arranger Danielle Wertz has risen to prominence in the US with her unique musical world, weaving elements of jazz, folk, and wordless vocal textures into an intimate and personal jazz universe. Critics describe her as “a masterful ballad interpreter” (NYC Jazz Record), “unaffected by the politics of music” (Jazz Music Archives), and “at home with contemporary exponents of improvised song” (LoudMouth, AU). As a semi-finalist in the prestigious Thelonious Monk International Jazz Vocal Competition, she has firmly established herself as one of today's most exciting jazz singers.

The concert with Nordkraft Big Band is the result of a beautiful, colorful, and dynamic collaboration where the renowned American saxophonist and composer Remy Le Boeuf has composed and arranged music with his personal touch. Le Boeuf originally comes from a classical background but has since started getting into jazz. His music is rooted in jazz tradition while also incorporating elements of modern classical music and indie rock. He has established himself as a unique voice with a penchant for cinematic, majestic, and melody-driven themes.

With four Grammy nominations and critical acclaim (including a tribute in The New York Times for the overwhelming beauty of his music), Remy Le Boeuf is quite a scoop for the Nordkraft Big Band. And well worth experiencing at Aarhus Jazz Festival 2024.

Nordkraft Big Band is Denmark's big band from Northern Jutland, which in recent years has established itself as an active, visionary, and serious rhythmic music ensemble. The 17-piece big band has released several albums of various kinds and is played on DR P8 Jazz and streamed around the world. The big band has also gained international recognition through interesting collaborations and projects. Most recently through its collaboration with chief conductor Remy Le Boeuf and before that with a multi-year collaboration with American bassist, composer, and big band leader John Clayton. Before working with Remy Le Boeuf, the big band had a multi-year collaboration with American bassist, composer, and big band leader John Clayton, and has also worked with Bob Mintzer (US), Robben Ford (US), Sinne Eeg, Andrea Motis (ES), Bobo Moreno, Margrete Grarup, Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, Martin Bygman, Nikolaj Bentzon. and many more.

Musikhuset Swings at Aarhus Jazz Festival

True to tradition, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and Musikhuset Aarhus invite you to Musikhuset Swings at Aarhus Jazz Festival.

Musikhuset Swings takes place from July 12-19 with great jazz performances in and around Musikhuset and in front of KISSA in Musikhusparken from Denmark and abroad. Look forward to lots of great free live jazz, ticketed concerts with sublime jazz names, and lots of good vibes.

Musikhuset Swings is a continuation of Ridehuset Swinger, which Aarhus Jazz Orchestra has organized for more than 30 years, and which moved into Musikhuset in 2022 due to the new construction in front of ARoS.

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