July 13 - 20 2024

Ruh Duo & lyskunstner Eva Behrens - Lillejazz (DK/SY) - Photo: Eva Esmann Behrens

Photo: Eva Esmann Behrens

Ruh Duo & lyskunstner Eva Behrens - Lillejazz (DK/SY)


Maher Mahmoud (oud) Mette Marie Ørnstrup (voc, perc) Eva Esmann Behrens (lys)

Unique Artwork Blending Arab and Western Traditions

When the sun rises, the colors of the light dance on the surface of the water. In the Landscapes of Light and Sound, light is welcomed and two cultures meet in beautiful sensory soundscapes that form a whole with lights and live visuals on walls.

The work is created by Ruh duo, which consists of Oudist Maher Mahmoud, vocalist, and percussionist Mette Marie Ørnstrup, and light artist Eva Esmann Behrens.

This concert will feature a repertoire of primarily classical Middle Eastern music, which creates a unique encounter between East and West due to the different musical backgrounds of the performers.

The concert is part of the Lillejazz association's program. Lillejazz is a concert association that organizes experimental jazz concerts for adults and their children - for children and their adults. These concerts provide a space for children to be in unfamiliar concert situations.  

Oud player Maher Mahmoud is a highly recognized Syrian musician and composer. He is trained in classical Arabic tradition but is also a master at fusing with other styles. Maher has played and recorded with a host of Danish and international artists.

Vocalist and percussionist Mette Marie Ørnstrup has explored many musical frontiers as an improviser, performer and global musician. Mette Marie has traveled the world with her music and has lived in Istanbul for a year and a half, where she studied classical Ottoman music and sang at the conservatory.

Eva Esmann Behrens works as a visual artist with projections and light in large and small installations and live performances. With a background in dance, she has been developing her practice in the visual arts since 2016, drawing on a network of international artists.

More about https://www.lillejazz.dk/

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Aarhus Jazz Festival
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