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AddisAbabaBand - Photo: Givisme & Aarhus Jazztømmerflåde

Foto: Givisme & Aarhus Jazztømmerflåde

AddisAbabaBand (DK)

Olaf Johannes (t-sax), Marco Dania (sax, fl), Christian Tscherning (trb), Scott Westh (trp), Benjamin Lesak Jensen (org, synth), Mikkel Govertz and Jesper Rasmussen (g), Jens Peter Møller (b), Preben Kaels (percussion, vio), Feike van der Woude and Christian Dietrichsen (perc), Martin Robert Madsen (drm)

Intense and swinging afrobeat

AddisAbabaBand is a 12-man group from Aarhus that plays intense and swinging afrobeat. It is a cosmic vessel fuelled by afro, funk, jazz, avant-garde, tight beats, and collective improvisation. At the helm is a sharp and cohesive horn section, supported by a super-swinging bass, guitar, and key group on a foundation of captivating beats.

The band has been around since 2010 and has played a ton of concerts since then. Both at regional venues around the country, at festivals, and abroad. One of the band's highlights was a sea of ​​people at Roskilde Festival in 2018.

The music is written and arranged collectively. This makes AddisAbabaBand a great live band. The collective input of the large band creates irresistible energy on stage. With improvisation as the driving force, space is created for everyone to dance away together.

In 2019, the album II was released, which was the second studio album in a series of four releases. The record has won the Danish Arts Foundation's award for the best music of the year and has been nominated for the Carl Nielsen award. In addition, AddisAbabaBand was nominated for the Danish Roots Artist of the Year at DMA Roots 2020. Most recently, the band has collaborated with Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, which culminated in a terrific concert at De Grimmest Aftener, where they delivered a terrific show for the numerous concertgoers with 13 extra brass players.


3xGivisme Summer Festival is a two-day festival that takes place on 10th and 11th of July 2021 at Flemming Bamse Jørgensens Plads.

Aarhus Jazztømmerfløde presents, in collaboration with the Givisme association and Det lille Hus ved Havnen, a floating festival and support event for musicians, performing arts, associations, and the business community in Aarhus.

Over the two days, the stage will be packed with six cosmic, playful, energetic, and empathetic bands:

Total Hip Replacement, Sam and The Soulmates, AddisAbabaBand, Gammelgaard/Bulow/Hagner, Amy Winehouse Tribute, and World Band spiced with delicious servings, interlude jazz, and break tango. Extra care has been taken to create an innovative and exotic environment that blends with the Aarhus harbor front.

Do not miss two unforgettable summer days at the harbor!

Læs mere om AddisAbabaBand

Læs mere om AddisAbabaBand

AddisAbabaBand (DK)


Cover charge 150 DKK

Når du køber billet til denne koncert, får du samtidig adgang til dagens andre lækre bands.
Adgang lørdag 10. juli - 150 kr.
Adgang søndag 11. juli - 125 kr.
Begge dage - 250 kr.
Uanset billettype skal du vælge en farvekode: rød, gul eller grøn. Kan du ikke købe den ønskede farve, er denne farvegruppe udsolgt. Farven placerer dig i en publikumsgruppe sammen med gæster, der har købt billet med samme farvekode. Vær opmærksom på dette, hvis I er flere, der gerne vil nyde oplevelsen sammen.

Flemming Bamse Jørgensens Plads

Flemming Bamse Jørgensens Plads
8000 Aarhus C


Givisme & Aarhus Jazztømmerflåde
(+45) 61 34 06 04

Det Lille Hus ved Havnen
AddisAbabaBand (DK)


AddisAbabaBand - Photo: Givisme & Aarhus JazztømmerflådeFoto: Givisme & Aarhus Jazztømmerflåde
AddisAbabaBand - Photo: Givisme & Aarhus JazztømmerflådeFoto: Givisme & Aarhus Jazztømmerflåde