Eyal Lovett Trio (IL/CZ/DK/DE/AU)
Eyal Lovett Trio - Photo: Piano Værkstedet

Foto: Piano Værkstedet

Eyal Lovett Trio (IL/CZ/DK/DE/AU)

Eyal Lovett (p), Jan Sedlák (b), Aidan Lowe (drm)

Storytelling and thoughtful compositions

Lovett showcases his delicate touch on the piano with a tenderly heart-aching song that features the pianist ability for storytelling.
All About Jazz (2014).

Eyal Lovett is one of the most exciting upcoming jazz pianists and band leaders in the European Scene. He was chosen as 2017 Artist of the Year by Jazzy Berlin. In June 2018 the Eyal Lovett Trio won 1 st place at the international competition JazzWings in Warsaw. He is currently studying at the prestigious Soloist program in Aalborg music Academy. 

Eyal Lovett's music is focused on storytelling, deep and thoughtful compositions, and mesmerising performance and execution. Influenced by the likes of Bill Evans and Brad Mehldau, as well as Avishai Cohen, Shai Maestro and Gilad Hekselman, his music has a "classical" architecture and development, is rhythmical complex, and enchanting Mediterranean melodies from his homeland Israel.

Eyal Lovett Trio has been playing since 2011, touring and recording. Their 4th album is due to be released fall 2021 by BERTHOLD Records.

Koncerten præsenteres af Tricksters Inc. og JAZZ9TUS i samarbejde med Aarhus Klaverakademi.

Læs mere om Eyal Lovett Trio

Læs mere om Eyal Lovett Trio

Eyal Lovett Trio (IL/CZ/DK/DE/AU)


Cover charge 50 DKK


Grønnegade 61B
8000 Aarhus


Piano Værkstedet
(+45) 86 12 26 25
Tricksters Inc.
Eyal Lovett Trio (IL/CZ/DK/DE/AU)


Eyal Lovett Trio - Photo: Piano VærkstedetFoto: Piano Værkstedet