Paraphrasing feat. Thomas Fryland (DK)


Paraphrasing feat. Thomas Fryland (DK)

Thomas Fryland (trp), Jens Christian Kwella (g), Torben Bjørnskov (b), John Riddell (drm)

Paraphrasing cultivates the noble art of paraphrasing

In an often virtuosic manner, they process melodies and harmonic themes from the standard repertoire of jazz, creating new themes and interpretations in the process.

The quartet plays with nerve and a good swing. At the same time, ensemble, interaction, and unpredictability are highly valued.

In 2021, they entered into a collaboration with the Danish trumpeter Thomas Fryland, who has an extensive international career and has released 17 albums.

All musicians have been part of the Danish jazz scene for 30 years. The many years of experience has created an intense collaboration and a present expression.

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