Vuust/Vuust/Stefansson Trio feat. Jesper Løvdal (DK)


Vuust/Vuust/Stefansson Trio feat. Jesper Løvdal (DK)

Jesper Løvdal (sax), Frederik Vuust (p), Stefansson (b), Mikkel Vuust (drm)

Saxophonist on a continued search for new formats and expressions

For the occasion of Aarhus Jazz Festival 2021, Vuust/Vuust/Stefansson Trio will curate a number of concerts at Tir Na Nog. The trio consists of the brothers Frederik (piano) and Mikkel Vuust (drums), as well as double bass player Thorbjørn Stefansson.

The trio welcomes a line of guest soloists. During the week, a handful of well-established instrumentalists as well as some of the most exciting new talents on the Danish jazz scene will be performing.

This afternoon, the trio will be joined by Jesper Løvdal on saxophone.

For several decades, Jesper Løvdal has left his unmistakable mark on the Danish jazz scene. Nonetheless, he is constantly searching for new formats and expressions.



14/07/2021 13:00 - 15:00

Cover charge FREE


Tir Na Nóg
Frederiksgade 40
8000 Aarhus


Tir Na Nóg
(+45) 86 19 19 10

  • Vuust/Vuust/Stefansson Trio feat. Jesper Løvdal - Photo: Tir Na NógFoto: Tir Na Nóg