Live Foyn Friis (N/DK)


Live Foyn Friis (N/DK)

Concert is canceled!

Live Foyn Friis (voc, synth, perc), David Aleksander Sjølie (g), Jens Mikkel Madsen (b), Andreas Skamby (drm)

Infectious beats and catchy melodies

Live Foyn Friis is a dazzling Norwegian singer and composer who easily moves between countless genres. As a singer and artist, she is hard to put in a box.

Live Foyn Friis has characteristic and playful vocals, on which Jazz Special has written:

It is incredibly uplifting that our small country provides opportunities for developing an artist at this level and music of this tyope. Live Foyn Friis has real X-factor.

At the concert, Live Foyn Friis moves stylishly between indie jazz, pop, rock, and electronica in a jumble of drums, electric bass, synth, loops, guitar, choir, steel drum, and vocals.

The quartet started while Live Foyn Friis studied at the music academy in Aarhus. Together, they have played sold-out concerts around the world and five albums todate, where the latest FOYN was released in 2019.

Look forward to a fresh and tasteful musical cocktail with spellbinding vocals, infectious beats, and catchy melodies.


Concert is canceled!

09/07/2021 15:00 - 17:00

Cover charge Kr. 130
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50 kr. for unge under 25 år.


Vester Alle 8 B
8000 Aarhus


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