Musson/Kjær/Marshall (DK/GB)


Musson/Kjær/Marshall (DK/GB)

Concert is canceled!

Rachel Musson (t-sax), Julie Kjær (a-sax), Hannah Marshall (vc)

Chamber music with an echo of free jazz

This trio is formed by three musicians, all of whom are deeply rooted in London's improvised music scene. The trio works as a unit that flows through musical landscapes and structures of contemporary chamber music with an echo of free jazz.

Their set was a dynamic union of artists, breathing and thinking as one.
M.Holland, Ears4Eyes.

This is how good free chamber jazz should be. Intimate, dynamic, and driven by a mutual responsiveness bordering to telepathy.
J. Hauknes, Salt Peanuts.

Julie Kjær's raw, edgy, and thoughtful playing and dark, otherworldly imagery (Jazzwise) have increasingly been noticed in the European jazz and new music scene. Her music moves between composition and improvised music. Conducting experiments with "extended techniques", sounds and rhythms, she pushes her instruments to the extreme.

… One of the most impressive new voices on the London jazz and improv scene.
Stewart Smith, The Wire.

The collaboration with Rachel Musson and Hannah Marshall is a trio to be experienced.


Concert is canceled!

12/07/2021 21:00 - 21:45

Cover charge Kr. 100
Studerende og musikere 70 kr.
Hele aftenen 210 kr.


Det 3. Rum
Jægergaardsgade 154 C, st.
8000 Aarhus


(+45) 61 26 13 83

  • Musson/Kjær/Marshall - Photo: Peter GannushkinFoto: Peter Gannushkin