Morten Haugshøj Plays Wes Montgomery (DK)


Morten Haugshøj Plays Wes Montgomery (DK)

Morten Haugshøj (g), Morten Ramsbøl (b), John Riddell (drm)

A tribute to one of the greatest jazz guitarists

At the dawn of time, guitarist Morten Haugshøj found two special LPs in his father's record collection. One was Machine Head by Deep people (you know, the one with Smoke on the Water) and the other was Full House by American jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery. 

The sound of Wes Montgomery's guitar playing resonates with most jazz lovers. This fascination also affected Morten Haugshøj to such an extent that he chose the jazz guitar over the rock guitar. Morten Haugshøj has kept up his love for the jazz guitar ever since.

The concert at Hantwerk is a tribute to the music of Wes Montgomery, who in addition to his characteristic way of playing – using just his thumb (a style he developed because the neighbor thought the plectrum was too loud) – was also an excellent composer.

The concert will feature a wide selection of the black guitarist's portfolio, including songs that may be less familiar to the jazz audience.

Expect lots of octave playing, chord solos, and several other of the jazz guitar's classic disciplines that Wes Montgomery mastered.

Morten Haugshøj brings a top-tuned rhythm group with some of the best musicians in Denmark: bassist Morten Toft Ramsbøll and drummer John Riddell.

  • Morten Haugshøj Plays Wes Montgomery - Photo: HantwerkFoto: Hantwerk