Jens Søndergaard Aarhus Kvartet (DK)

Jens Søndergaard (sax), Søren Bo Addemos (g), Jesper Carlsen (b), Kristoffer Lysgaard (drm)

The spirit of Bent J

Jens Søndergaard has visited Aarhus countless times, both as a member of Klüver's Big Band and as a host at Bent J for many years.

At Bent J, he was often flanked by guitarist Søren Bo Addemos and bassist Jesper Carlsen. Thus, we may be able to revive the spirit of Aarhus' legendary jazz dive. Behind the drums sits Kristoffer Lysgaard, holding the older gentlemen accountable.

Jens Søndergaard recently released an album with Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond tunes as well as an album with music written by Latin jazz composer Clare Fischer.

  • Jens Søndergaard Aarhus Kvartet - Photo: HantwerkFoto: Hantwerk