Hess/Mannerland/Seyer (DK)


Hess/Mannerland/Seyer (DK)

Nikolaj Hess (p), William Mannerland (sax), Karl Seyer-Hansen (drm)

Gifted pianist in the company of young talents

Pianist Nikolaj Hess is one of the biggest names in Danish jazz. He has a huge presence on both the European and American jazz scenes, where he has worked and recorded with names such as Lee Konitz, Benny Golson, Palle Mikkelborg, and many more.

Nikolaj Hess´play style is based on both jazz and the European musical tradition. In addition, there is a strong influence from both Nordic and African music. He manages to intertwine these diverse expressions in a completely unique sound on the piano.

In this trio constellation, Nikolaj Hess´musik is explored in an encounter with the two young talents William Mannerland and Karl Seyer-Hansen.

  • Hess/Mannerland/Seyer - Photo: Viola Ellehammer DassevilleFoto: Viola Ellehammer Dasseville