Guided tour – På sporet af Aarhus-Jazzen 1 (DK)


Guided tour – På sporet af Aarhus-Jazzen 1 (DK)

Carl Ancher Pedersen (guide)

The "classic" jazz city walk

• When and how did jazz come to Aarhus?
• Where did it settle, reproduce, and branch out into a myriad of genres?
• Where has it lived during the roughly 100 years since it found its way to the city when it was "young and wild"?
• What happened when the city's curious citizens and musicians first became acquainted with jazz's royal instrument, the saxophone?
• What ups and downs have happened in Aarhus jazz taken, and how is it doing today?
• Which Danish and foreign jazz stars have brightened in the Aarhus jazz sky over the years?
• When and how did Aarhus get its own annual jazz festival?
 - And what can I experience in this year's edition?

On this walk, learn the answers to these and other questions.

We start at the mirror pool in front of the Musikhuset, walk the street parade on the Strøget and continue via the squares in central Aarhus. And we end up driftingdown Vestergade.

Along the way, you will hear lots of jazz history as well as a number of funny anecdotes from the diverse and colorful world of jazz.

In addition, you will see a strip of the legendary venues, where jazz has been heard and danced to the years - and many of which today are hidden and forgotten, while new ones have fortunately emerged.

Come and swing on a jazzy city walk - in the "classic" version, where you will get a good grasp on Aarhus jazz through 100 years.

Your guide on the trip is Carl Ancher Pedersen, who has a good knowledge of both jazz, Aarhus Jazz Festival, and the city. In addition to being the editor of the jazz festival's program, he is a guide with Aarhus Guides.

A total of three city walks will take place during the jazz week, all in Danish:

Sunday, July 11 at 1 PM - 2.30 PM - the "classic" jazz city walk

Wednesday, July 14 at 1 PM - 2.30 PM - the jazz tour goes to Godsbanen

Saturday, 17 July at 1 PM - 2.30 PM - the jazz tour goes to Sydhavnen


11/07/2021 13:00 - 14:30

Cover charge Kr. 100
50 kr. for børn under 18 år.


Spejlbassinet ved Musikhuset
Thomas Jensens Allé 2
8000 Aarhus C


Carl Ancher Pedersen
(+45) 40 19 90 18

Aarhus Jazz Festival

  • Guided tour – På sporet af Aarhus-Jazzen 1 - Photo: Jørgen NielsenFoto: Jørgen Nielsen