Zetterlund Tribute - Portrætkoncert (IR/DK)


Zetterlund Tribute - Portrætkoncert (IR/DK)

Samara Bahrami (voc), Morten Haugshøj (g), Thomas Sejthen (b), Jesper Bo Knudsen (drm)

One life, one story, one concert

For just a bit, the phenomenon Monica Zetterlund comes to life a Sunday afternoon in Aarhus. A concert with beautiful Swedish songs as the focal point and a portrait of a woman who struggles to find herself and do what she wants – and make it comply with the expectations of society and the public. We hear about her turbulent relationship with men, drinking, loneliness, and lovesickness, but also the relationship with her father, stage fright, and the fight against the "Law of Jante" and the small-town mentality.

The music is in extremely good hands with this group of seasoned jazz musicians: Morten Haugshøj (g), Jonathan Bruun Meyer (trb), Thomas Sejthen (b), and Jesper Bo Knudsen (drm).

At the helm, we have Persian-Danish singer Samara Bahrami with her a rare linguistic virtuosity, which makes her believable and present in the beautiful interpretations from the Swedish portfolio and in the delivery of the songs and lyrics.

Stories and anecdotes about Monica Zetterlund's extraordinary life make the music even more present and intense. Along with live visual artist Eva Esmann Behrens, who makes live projections during the concert, the experience becomes a symbiotic interplay between music, storytelling, and light installations

In 2021, Tricksters Inc. present a portrait concert series with several new, exciting, and ambitious projects. As an audience member, you can expect a great and solid concert experience, where music, lyrics, light projections, and live visuals bring help to bring you closer to artists who have meant something special. With music at the forefront, featuring some incredibly strong groups, you are invited to a sensory bombardment of an experience. During Aarhus Jazz Festival, you can experience Zetterlund Tribute, Amy Winehouse Tribute, and Dexterity, as well as the story of The Jazz Crooner.






18/07/2021 13:00 - 15:30

Cover charge Kr. 150


Grønnegade 61B
8000 Aarhus


Piano Værkstedet
(+45) 86 12 26 25
Aarhus Klaverakademi
Tricksters Inc.


Jazz & Words
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