Fauna 5 (DK)
Fauna 5 - Photo: HeadQuarters

Foto: HeadQuarters

Fauna 5 (DK)

Scott West (trp), Cesar Joaniquet (sax, cl), Mathias Jæger (sax, synth), Jens Mikkel Madsen (b), Andreas Skamby (drm)

A tribute to the world's fauna – release concert

On the hunt and on the lookout – jumping and hibernating – in packs and on their own – on the trail and in hiding. The sound of Fauna 5 is at once simple and complex, unpretentious, and neatly composed.

Fauna 5 consists of Jens Mikkel Madsen, Scott Westh, Mathias Jæger, Cesar Joaniquet, and Andreas Skamby, who are all prominent musicians from the Aarhus jazz scene in various bands such as I Think You're Awesome, Bagland, Addis Abababand, and Erum. 

This evening at HeadQuarters will be extra special and festive, as it will be the official release concert of the debut album Haptics. On this occasion, you can get your hands on the beautiful and well-made LP or CD with cover art by the wonderful graphic artist Vibeke Krag Rasmussen.

The music will be released digitally on Friday 3 June, so do take a listen before you go. 

The music is written by drummer and bandleader Andreas Skamby and is based on wildlife and the experiences and observations that have aroused Andreas' enthusiasm, wonder, and curiosity. For example, the similarities Andreas sees in animal and human behavior. 

Overall, the music is a tribute to the world's fauna and is reflected in the playful approach of the group's ensemble playing. 

"The music is far above what you hear every day, and this continues in the track Fauna. Organ in the rainforest, winds in the treetops, and keyboards as a flying sound blanket. The style is hard to describe, but genre-less, outside genre or even genre-free comes to mind. All forms of expression are in play. Just not the usual ones."
Ebbe Lautrup, JazzLive Blog.


Fauna 5 (DK)


Cover charge 75 DKK

Entré i døren 100 kr.


Valdemarsgade 1
8000 Aarhus


(+45) 28 11 71 44
Fauna 5 (DK)


Fauna 5 - Photo: HeadQuartersFoto: HeadQuarters