Eline Engholm/Thomas Løkke (DK)
Eline Engholm/Thomas Løkke - Photo: LULA - Bar & Restaurant

Foto: LULA - Bar & Restaurant

Eline Engholm / Thomas Løkke (DK)

Eline Engholm (voc), Thomas Løkke Læssøe (b)

A musical journey to Rio, Paris, and New York

Let your ears travel with Thomas Løkke's pulsating double bass at the helm and Eline Engholm's beautiful jazz vocals as your guide. This is a very upbeat duo who enjoy performing their own interpretations of jazz classics.

Eline Engholm and Thomas Løkke have known each other for many years and have played together in, among others, the New Sun Jazz Trio and Møllevangskirkens Jazzensemble, where they have explored the boundaries between jazz, Latin, country, and the Danish songbook.

Now, the journey goes to Rio, Paris, and New York, and all you have to do is show up.

Bon Voyage.


Eline Engholm/Thomas Løkke (DK)


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LULA - Bar & Restaurant

LULA - Bar & Restaurant
Kystpromenaden 5
8000 Aarhus C


LULA - Bar & Restaurant
(+45) 61 45 45 63
Eline Engholm/Thomas Løkke (DK)


Eline Engholm/Thomas Løkke - Photo: LULA - Bar & RestaurantFoto: LULA - Bar & Restaurant