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Jomi - Photo: Gyngen

Foto: Gyngen

Jomi (DK)

Jomi (voc, g, keys), Jesper Løvdal (sax), Maria Dybbroe (cl), Anne Efternøler (trp), Tove Sørensen (b), Cornelia Nillson (drm)

It's beautiful. It's pop. And a little jazz

Call what you like. Jomi Massage, also known as Jomi, released her latest album in 2021. The first single Livet er lige begyndt showed a side of Jomi's musical nature that is perhaps her most open and accessible to date. It's beautiful. It's pop. And a little jazz.

Around the piano, she was joined by such distinguished forces as Kresten Osgood on drums and Ida Duelund Hansen on tapeless bass, with DMA-winning Kathrine Windfeld providing the stealthy horn arrangements.

Jomi's voice was clear as ever – and once again in Danish, with lyrics that went straight to the heart.

Jomi is a playful, curious child who freely and openly follows the music exactly where it takes her.

Experience her live in the company of exciting new companions. 


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Jomi (DK)


Cover charge 150 DKK

Maritza Salen

Maritza Salen
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Jomi (DK)


Jomi - Photo: GyngenFoto: Gyngen