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døssing - Photo: Palmehaven, Institut for (X).

Foto: Palmehaven, Institut for (X).

døssing (DK)

Mathilde Døssing Bendixen (trb, voc), Jon Døssing Bendixen (key, synth), Aske Døssing Bendixen (drm), Thit Helbo Møller (perc, cng), Annestine Døssing Bendixen (poetry/voc)

Playful and creative instrumental jazz

The sibling group døssing offers playful and creative instrumental jazz, and the members each carry musical baggage from other projects such as Abekejser, AySay, and Total Hip Replacement.

Døssing's musical universe offers both thought-provoking moments and a chance to let loose on the dance floor. Døssing toys with the intersection of electronic and analog, creating an atmospheric and dreamy universe.

The music is supported by the Døssing band's striking, mysterious visual identity, which evokes the aesthetics of David Lynch's Twin Peaks mixed with the pastel-colored, antique style known from The Grand Budapest Hotel.

When playing live, they deliver a special stage show where the music is flanked by short stories and poems between the tracks by Annestine Døssing, who guides the audience on the journey to the all inclusive hotel. 

Døssing's debut album all inclusive was named album of the week on P8 Jazz in March.


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døssing (DK)


Cover charge 175 DKK

Billetten gælder til alle tre koncerter 8. juli. Partoutbillet til alle dage, 8.-10. juli, kan købes for 450 kr.

Flemming Bamse Jørgensens Plads

Flemming Bamse Jørgensens Plads
8000 Aarhus C


Aarhus Jazztømmerflåde
(+45) 61 34 06 04
døssing (DK)


døssing - Photo: Palmehaven, Institut for (X).Foto: Palmehaven, Institut for (X).