July 8 - 15 2023
Hundborg JAZZUP (DK) - Photo: fairbar

Photo: fairbar

Hundborg JAZZUP (DK)


Henriette Hundborg (voc), Henriks Bak (g), Stig Andersen (b), Eric Østergaard (drm)

The Taste of Summer Jazz

Hundborg JAZZUP is the taste of summer jazz in your ears. The band delivers beautiful renditions of classical standards and lively Latin tunes with a touch of neo-classical. 

Jazz ballads, bossa, waltz, and samba flow from the stage like the wake of a boat in clear weather. Get sand between your toes, bask in the sunshine and starlight of the big city, and enjoy a view of Corcovado. Henriette sings with joy and playfulness in her voice and is only interested in one thing: making sure that the joy and sincerity in the music make their way to listening ears.   

JAZZUP consists of Eric Østergaard on drums, inspired by Brazilian David Cadogan's Latin percussion. He is accompanied by Stig Andersen's subdued but intense double bass, refined through years of playing in various jazz and Latin ensembles (Trio de Vacances and La Neige Noir). Together, the two provide a solid foundation for Henrik Bak's melodic guitar.

Henrik Bak has a background in blues (Mudbugs) and world rock (The Sexican), and his love affair with the guitar has now spread to the jazz genre.

Together they weave a complex and stylish soundscape with Henriette Hundborg's charismatic, dark vocals at the center.


Read more about Hundborg JAZZUP

Read more about Hundborg JAZZUP

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