Guitar Giants – Uffe Steen & Søren Lee (DK)


Guitar Giants – Uffe Steen & Søren Lee (DK)

Søren Lee and Uffe Steen (g)

An absolute world-class guitar meeting

Experience Søren Lee and Uffe Steen's premiere of a brand new concert constellation. Two guitarists meet and challenge each other with all the facets and possibilities of the guitar. A meeting that inspires and complements, and where they lift the music to new heights in unison.

Uffe Steen, based in Aarhus, is a guitarist and improviser in the field of blues and jazz, and has contributed to over eighty releases as a soloist and sideman.

He is known as a versatile guitarist with his own unique playing style and a meticulous blues-saturated expression. He plays energetically and melodically and moves effortlessly in the borderland between jazz, blues and rock.

Uffe Steen is renowned in both Denmark and abroad and has received several awards in recent years. The prestigious Ben Webster award for his unique style and the DMA Live award solo and with the blues group Shades of Blue. The latest releases are with Uffe Steen Trio, Grarup Allstars, Shades of Blue, Organic 3 and Indra Band.

Søren Lee, who comes from Copenhagen, is back on stage on full blast with a new release from Diversity Trio, which is his strongest, most pure and dynamic performance to date.

The largest English jazz magazine JazzWise recently wrote:

“Lee is one of those musicians who is always a pleasure to listen to; consistently inventive and articulate, he makes the business of playing the guitar sound ridiculously easy. Diversity Trio with Linley Marthe on bass and Niclas Campagnol on drums, must surely number among his best work.”

Søren Lee's knack for both the lyrical and the bold bluesy style is documented through both records and concerts. His playing style has tremendous power, primordial force and a funky rhythmic drive, even when playing flat-out jazz or parts with what is virtually rocket power.

Søren Lee has spent some time in New York and was invited by Jim Hall to perform at the famous New York jazz club Village Vanguard. In Denmark, Søren Lee is also known for his collaboration with Ray Brown, Adam Nussbaum, Linley Marthe, Mads Vinding, Niclas Campagnol, Jørgen Emborg, the Hess brothers, Cæcilie Norby, Frederik Lundin and bands like Tax Office and 3 of a Kind.



19:30 - 22:00
Cover charge Kr. 100
Billetsalg i døren: 130 kr.
Døren åbnes kl. 18.30.


Vestergade 58
DK-8000 Aarhus C
(+45) 26 20 65 46


(+45) 26 20 65 46
DMF Aarhus afd.




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