Live Foyn Friis/Morten Haugshøj Duo (NO/DK)


Live Foyn Friis/Morten Haugshøj Duo (NO/DK)

Live Foyn Friis (voc), Morten Haugshøj (g)

Intense, humorous, relaxed, and intimate 

Live Foyn Friis is an award-winning Norwegian singer who sings her way into the hearts of her audiences and provides a great experience with her technical and musical skills.

Gaffa wrote in its review of the album With Strings:

''The Norwegian jazz singer the name that would sound unusual to Danish ears has studied in Aarhus (and in Tromsø and Stockholm) and plays extensively with Danish musicians. But in reality, she is rather an international artist of a very peculiar international character. Listen to a track like Dementor and you will understand what I mean. The tune, the text, the composition, the vocal approach to it - everything is to the extent original, relevant, subtle - and international. Friis is based on something you might call jazz with a Nordic sound, but she also - with that impetus - enters into a form of pop music, which is not mainstream, but whose places have a surprising twist of almost Southeast Asian chamber music. Her musical performances appear to be inspired by singers like Ane Brun, Oh Land, and Feist.''

For the FP5 concerts, she is in good company with the talented and ubiquitous jazz guitarist Morten Haugshøj, who has released several acclaimed records - most recently the album The Street Doctor, which garnered several five-star reviews.

Look forward to an intense, humorous, relaxed, and intimate concert with Live Foyn Friis/Morten Haugshøj Duo.



Cover charge Kr. 50
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Kystpromenaden 5
DK-8000 Aarhus C
(+45) 61 45 45 63

  • Live Foyn Friis/Morten Haugshøj Duo
  • Live Foyn Friis/Morten Haugshøj Duo