T.S. Høeg - outertaining, poesi og musik (DK)


T.S. Høeg - outertaining, poesi og musik (DK)

T.S. Høeg (poesi, sax mm.)

Meet a language equilibrist and master of word and notes

The now 60-year-old writer, saxophonist, composer, orchestral leader, and outertainer T.S. Høeg has appeared and toured every continent on the planet.

He debuted in 1981 with the short novel Træer vinkler vandstråle i en kort forvitret sommer and has since published a large number of books, short stories, poems, novels, and plays, among others - most recently the book Très tres.

On his alto saxophone and soprano saxophone, he is currently best known for his solo outertainer shows or as part of the group The Way Out, but he is also still part of the heavy jazz trio Cockpit Music, which has existed since 1978.

Among other things, T. S. Høeg has recorded with Sort Sol, Düreforsög and Goodiepal as well as with his own bands TS Hawk 3 and the tentet Dane TS Hawk & the Locomotion Starsemble.

His travels are numerous and include Nigeria, where he experienced playing with Fela Kuti. He has performed with Cockpit Music in pre-war Syria, appeared in a war-torn Iraq, been with a caravan of merry musicians to Hanover, performed in a duo with Benny Andersen in Egypt, and as a solo outertainer in Macedonia.

T. S. Høeg is a language equilibrist and an original - a tennis-playing, omniscient and omnipresent writer and musician.


Mini-festival at COLABS - Sunday, July 12
For the third year in a row, the improvisational collective The Community and the design company Knud's Kiosk in collaboration with DMF to a mini-festival during the Aarhus Jazz Festival/Sommerjazz packed with acoustically experimental music and improvisation.

The program offers local heroes, strong solo concerts, poetry, hot DJs, and innovative music.

Imagine a summer evening in the courtyard in front of the old garage, where you can enjoy a glass of wine in the sun during the concerts and forget about the corona for a while.

The rustic setting of the industrial harbor environment and the slaughterhouse right next door are perfect for creating an informal atmosphere and opening up the music to a wide audience in a festive and inclusive way. The music can already be heard when you stroll down Jægergårdsgade and follow the sound of something new.

3.00 PM: DJ TS Hawk.
4.00 PM: Lars Greve Solo.
5.00 PM: Cactus.
6.30 PM: T.S. High Outertaining.
7.30 PM: Ned Ferm/Kresten Osgood.
9.00 PM: Slim0.
10.00 PM: DJ B-Magic Samples.



Cover charge Kr. 120
100 kr. for studerende.
Billetten gælder hele dagen – til alle fem koncerter.


Jægergårdsgade 156 S
DK-8000 Aarhus C


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