July 13 - 20 2024
Bourbon Street Jazzband feat. Emil Otto (DK) - Photo: Aarhus Jazzklub

Photo: Aarhus Jazzklub

Bourbon Street Jazzband feat. Emil Otto (DK)


Emil Otto (voc, p), Gerhard Ellerbæk (trp), Per Jegbjærg (trb), Finn Odderskov (cl, t-sax), Jens Nørholm (p), Jørgen Nielsen (b), Heine Poulsen (drm)

Everyone Deserves a Great Jazz Band

This band will celebrate its 67th birthday in 2023. That's an achievement in and of itself.

In 1956, trumpeter Gerhard Ellerbæk, who turned 80 in 2022 and is still at the helm, founded the Bourbon Street Jazz Band with his cousin. Before long, a full-fledged jazz band grew out of the boys' room, and throughout the years, Bourbon Street Jazzband has been at the top of the traditional jazz scene, both in Denmark and internationally.

Of course, they have also played in the very street that gave them their name, just as you have been able to hear the Silkeborg band in California, Kenya, Hong Kong, and a large number of European countries.

Today, the pace has slowed down, but the band's hallmark is still a mix of traditional revival jazz, swing, and blues with arranged passages that make it stand out from the crowd. Dry humor and strong solo performances characterize the 67-year-old birthday boy. As the motto goes: "Everyone deserves a great jazz band".

Today's concert features guest soloist singer and pianist Emil Otto, who has long worked with the authentic New Orleans sound. Last year, he stepped up his ambitions with his debut album Ain't Love a Beautiful Thing, which took the critics by storm and presents Emil Otto as a songwriter and crooner in the classic style. It will be an exciting meeting of generations in Danish jazz.


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Read more about Bourbon Street Jazzband feat. Emil Otto

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