July 13 - 20 2024
Double Drums feat. Bob Moses  (US/SE/DK) - Photo: Aarhus Jazz Festival

Photo: Aarhus Jazz Festival

Double Drums feat. Bob Moses (US/SE/DK)


Thomas Agergaard (sax, fl), Thomas Hass (sax), Christian Spering (b), Michala Østergaard-Nielsen and Bob Moses (drm)

Musical star meeting in a special band format   

The two Danish conductors Thomas Agergaard and Thomas Hass are joined by distinguished guests for their Double Drums project this afternoon: American star musician Bob Moses, Swedish bassist Christian Spering, and Danish Michala Østergaard-Nielsen.

Unusually, the band includes two saxophones, two drum kits, and a bassist, which allows for new and exciting possibilities.

The music is dreamy, swinging, and imaginative, drawing inspiration from jazz, blues, and African rhythms and sounds. Of course, for a two-drummer orchestra, grooves are also a natural part of the ensemble's DNA.

American drummer Bob Moses is a veteran of the jazz world. As a teenager, he was already playing in saxophonist Rahsaan Roland Kirk's orchestra, and since then he has played with Gary Burton, Dave Liebman, and Jack DeJohnette, among others. He is also best known for Pat Metheny's debut album Bright Size Life. He has also released a number of albums of his own.

Thomas Hass and Thomas Agergaard started their collaboration more than 20 years ago. First with the band Double Drums and shortly after with the project Poetry DepArtment – a release based on the poems of Poul Borum.

A few years would pass, during which they were each busy with other projects. Then, in 2019, the two friends and colleagues decided to record some material they had lying around and released the EP Volume One, which received a fantastic reception. It is inspired by Duke Ellington and Thelonius Monk, among others, but with a more open approach to improvisation and its own unique sound and atmosphere.

In 2021, drummer and percussionist Michala Østergaard-Nielsen joined the band as a permanent member. This summer, legendary drummer Bob Moses will also join the band, as well as Swedish master bassist Christian Spering, who will join them at the concert in Aarhus.


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Read more about Double Drums feat. Bob Moses

Read more about Double Drums feat. Bob Moses

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