July 13 - 20 2024

Steffen Brix Akoustic Trio (DK/UK) - Photo: fairbar

Photo: fairbar

Steffen Brix Akoustic Trio (DK/UK)


Steffen Brix(g), Mark Ong(b), Benjamin Juul-Dimond(drm)

American Jazz / Rock with Acoustic Sound

Danish guitarist Steffen Brix, who is very active with new music releases, will perform with his new acoustic trio, which presents a different and more acoustic sound than he is used to. Strong and stylish compositions in the American jazz / rock tradition. Steffen is considered one of the most talented jazz and blues guitarists in Denmark - and has a long-standing musical friendship with American jazz guitarist Mike Stern.

Just this year, Steffen put together this new trio focused on the acoustic nylon guitar, which has been a major inspiration since jazz guitarist John McLaughlin's groundbreaking nylon-string albums in the 90s.

Mark Ong has an incredible ear and harmonic understanding of Steffen's melodic guitar universe. Ong's vocabulary on the instrument is vibrant, innovative and at a level rarely seen on the European jazz scene;

Benjamin Juul-Dimond is a young and extremely talented drummer with a unique technique, flow, and musicality. Benjamin is a star behind the drums;

A concert with the Steffen Brix Acoustic Trio is an evening of action - but also an evening with room for being quiet and present. 

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Cover charge FREE

Aarhus Jazz Festival

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