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Hej Jazz - Photo: Hej Jazz

Foto: Hej Jazz

Hej Jazz (DK)

Morten Mosgaard (voc), Nikolaj Bugge (g), Maria Dybbro (a-sax), Jonathan Schou (t-sax), Frederik Sakham Lomborg (b), Frej Lesner (drm)

DMA-nominated Hi Jazz is a fireworks display of live and playful jazz music for children and their families

Hej Jazz plays songs, stories, and instrumental tunes inspired by meetings with children. The imaginative nature of the music inspires children to improvise and play with both body and voice, as children and parents are included at the concert.

During the concert, the band switches between songs that lend themselves to listening, playing, or dancing. It's about feeling the jazz, getting close to the jazz, hearing the jazz, and wanting to create it yourself. Therefore, the concerts always end with a working session, the jazz break, where children can play with each other and the musicians, touch the guitar, hit the drums, or go explore the mysterious saxophone.

Hej Jazz was created as part of the creative pedagogical development project Jazzen på Genvisit created by Swinging Europe and musician Morten Mosgaard. In the project, the six jazz musicians visited numerous daycare institutions, where they played with, played for, and were inspired by the children. Based on these visits, the band wrote a series of tunes, which laid the groundwork for a subsequent tour. The experiences from the tour and the institutional visits have now been gathered on the release Hi Jazz – Jazzen på Genvisit, and it all culminated at the end of 2020 with a nomination for the Danish Music Awards Jazz for children's jazz band of the year.


The concert is part of Ridehuset Swinger, which will once again deliver great musical experiences and good vibes. Ridehuset Swinger is organized by Aarhus Jazz Orchestra.

Hej Jazz (DK)


Cover charge 50 DKK

Børn under 12 år 25 kr. Billetprisen er inkl. en øl, vand eller et glas vin, som du henter i baren på Officerspladsen, inden du går ind i Ridehuset, samt en nummeret plads til koncerten. Begrænset antal billetter. Køb billet sammen med dem, du skal høre koncerten med, da der ellers automatisk placeres en tom stol mellem jer pga. Covid-19-retningslinjer.


Vester Allé 1
8000 Aarhus


Aarhus Jazz Orchestra
(+45) 30 24 06 62
Hej Jazz (DK)


Hej Jazz - Photo: Hej JazzFoto: Hej Jazz