Æsken - Børnejazz (DK)
Æsken - Børnejazz - Photo:  Sarah Lyng Hogart

Foto: Sarah Lyng Hogart

Æsken - Børnejazz (DK)

Sidsel Bech Kiilerich and Janus Holst Aaen (voc, g), Scott Westh (trp), Kristian Koldbro (b), Lasse Bech Kiilerich (drm)

Energetic and fun children's tunes

Æsken is hand-crafted, groovy music that even makes the rats in the attic swing their behinds. The band plays with energy, presence, and edge, and nerve, always guaranteeing a great concert experience that hits home with children and the young at heart. Among other things, this has led to the band receiving a Danish Music Award for children's jazz.

Æsken has toured all over Denmark and performed on large and small stages including Langelands Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Musikhuset Aarhus, and Riverboat Jazz Festival. We look forward to welcoming the band back at Aarhus Jazz Festival, where they have previously performed live at Children's Jazz at Dokk1.

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Æsken - Børnejazz (DK)


Cover charge 50 DKK

Fra 3 år og op. Billetter sælges kun i forsalg. Dørsalg fra kl. 9.45 på egen mobiltelefon. Coronapas eller gyldig Covid-19-test skal forevises. Covid-19-restriktioner overholdes. Begrænset antal pladser.


Vester Allé 15
8000 Aarhus


Aarhus Jazz Festival
(+45) 28 60 47 91
Æsken - Børnejazz (DK)


Æsken - Børnejazz - Photo:  Sarah Lyng HogartFoto: Sarah Lyng Hogart
Æsken - Børnejazz - Photo: Sarah Lyng HogartFoto: Sarah Lyng Hogart