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OrgelDuo - Photo: OrgelDuo

Foto: OrgelDuo

OrgelDuo (DK)

Cesar Joaniquet (sax), Lars Søberg (trp), Stefan Ringive (trb), Simon Eskildsen (org), Daniel Sommer (drm)

The OrgelDuo is here

The masterminds behind the project, Daniel Sommer and Simon Eskildsen are very much looking forward to presenting OrgelDuo at Ridehuset.

Armed with sweaty drum beats and a dusty Hammond organ, OrgelDuo has composed a tangle of fun, funky, and special tunes, which are delivered in a tight and intense package. All with a (serious) twinkle in the eye.

For this concert, OrgelDuo will take advantage of the fantastic settings of Ridehuset and invite a number of fantastic winds from Aarhus Jazz Orchestra on stage. This concert will suck you straight into Mr. and Mrs. OrgelDuo's universe.

OrgelDuo released their debut album Hr. og Fru OrgelDuo Travels the World in 2019. An album that, in addition to containing a funky vinyl, also consisted of a homemade – full color – comic. The album also made the international All About Jazz and Jazznyt's list of best records in 2019.

Go to and get to know the album and comic book characters. Find your favorite character and get ready for a party with OrgelDuo when they take on three of Aarhus Jazz Orchestra's winds in Ridehuset. Mr. and Mrs. OrgelDuo are already excited.

The concert is part of Ridehuset Swinger, which will once again deliver great musical experiences and good vibes. Ridehuset Swinger is arranged by Aarhus Jazz Orchestra.

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OrgelDuo (DK)


Cover charge 50 DKK

Børn under 12 år 25 kr. Billetprisen er inkl. en øl, vand eller et glas vin, som du henter i baren på Officerspladsen, inden du går ind i Ridehuset, samt en nummeret plads til koncerten. Begrænset antal billetter. Køb billet sammen med dem, du skal høre koncerten med, da der ellers automatisk placeres en tom stol mellem jer pga. Covid-19-retningslinjer.


Vester Allé 1
8000 Aarhus


Aarhus Jazz Orchestra
(+45) 30 24 06 62
OrgelDuo (DK)


OrgelDuo - Photo: OrgelDuoFoto: OrgelDuo