Ned Ferm & Anders AC Christensen (US/DK)
Ned Ferm & Anders AC Christensen - Photo: Aarhus Sail Event

Foto: Aarhus Sail Event

Ned Ferm & Anders AC Christensen (US/DK)

Ned Ferm (sax), Anders AC Christensen (b)

Modern jazz overlooking Aarhus Bay

Here's your chance to experience a concert with two seasoned modern jazz musicians as they once again play together as a duo on their main instruments.

Ned Ferm on saxophone and Anders AC Christensen on double bass have been playing together for more than 20 years, meaning you can expect a concert showcasing an established partnership between the two internationally acclaimed musicians.

Ned Ferm traveled from the US to Denmark in 2021 to study at the Rhythmic Academy of Music in Copenhagen. In addition to being a performing musician, he composes, produces, and teaches music. He has played live with a myriad of big names and appeared on several studio recordings with a wide range of musicians.

Anders AC Christensen has been active on the Danish jazz scene since the early 1990s but has also distinguished himself internationally as a bass player. He has also appeared in films, on numerous studio recordings, and composed music for films. In 2009, he released his first solo album.


Sail to Jazz
Sail from the Aarhus Harbour to the concert with Ned Ferm & Anders AC Christensen at Aarhus Ø, where you can enjoy the best view of the jazz festival from the Aarhus International Sailing Centre. 

But you can also opt to walk in from the street.


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Ned Ferm & Anders AC Christensen (US/DK)


Cover charge 150 DKK

Koncert 150 kr. Koncert inkl. sejlads til koncert og et glas bobler 300 kr. Billetten gælder til to forskellige koncerter samme dag, hhv. kl. 19 og kl. 21.

Aarhus Internationale Sejlsportscenter

Aarhus Internationale Sejlsportscenter
Ester Aggebos Gade 80A
8000 Aarhus C


Aarhus Sail Event
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Ned Ferm & Anders AC Christensen (US/DK)