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Kresten Osgood Kvintet - Photo: Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar

Foto: Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar

Kresten Osgood Kvintet (DK/NO)

Erik Kimestad (trp), Mads Egetoft (sax), Jeppe Zeeberg (p), Mathias Petri (b), Kresten Osgood (drm)

The wild man in the Danish coat of jazz arms

For the past 20 years, Kresten Osgood has been at the heart of Danish musical life.

He has been called "the best thing to happen to Danish jazz since the 1980s" and "the wild man of the Danish coat of jazz arms." The headline in the newspaper Information: "The trend in Danish jazz is Osgood" is not to be mistaken.

Now, he presents a strong quintet consisting of some of the biggest acts on the Copenhagen jazz scene.

Despite his young age, Erik Kimestad (trumpet) is already a cult musician in Norway and central Copenhagen. He raises the bar in terms of harmonic overview and instrumental excellence. A dazzling improviser, both in complex harmonic landscapes and completely free progressions.

Mads Egetoft (sax) provides a fresh sound on the saxophone. He plays with a cry and a level of abstraction reminiscent of Archie Shepp. His style of sax and quivering expression is brand new, and he is known for Boujeloud and his own Doom Orchestra.

Jeppe Zeeberg (piano) is one of the most important musicians of his generation. He is known for bands like Dødens Garderobe and Sølvtøjet as well as countless exciting releases under his own name. His at once fragmented style and clear-cut aesthetic creates a sound that is genuinely fresh on the piano scene in Denmark. Zeeberg is a fearless and intense improviser who never looks back

Mathias Petri (bass) is a young virtuoso bassist who joins the ranks of other great Danish bassists. His tone is round, his swing is deep, and he is a shining natural bass talent.

Kresten Osgood (drums).

Kresten Osgood Kvintet (DK/NO)


Cover charge 120 DKK

Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar

Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar
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Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar
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Kresten Osgood Kvintet (DK/NO)


Kresten Osgood Kvintet - Photo: Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar Foto: Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar